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Focused driver development

2016 Will see the start of a new direction in race driver training. I am currently building my first professional motorsport simulator for customer use.  

A couple of years ago I had my perception of the value Motorsport Simulators changed beyond doubt and ever since that point have looked to develop my own for customer training. The big problem is they are currently massively expensive partly because they are very complicated to get right.  In short there are computer game simulators and then there are ones set up by people like me who only accept genuine balance and immersion.  I have now managed to engineer a system that can deliver.

My simulator is set up specificaly to develop drivers. It uses only top line components and is linked to live data, virtual cars and various other methods of training ONLY available on a focused training system.   

Although my initial facility will be very small and basic I know it will deliver an accurate and highly beneficial training scenario that will transfer to the real world. Otherwise what is the point!