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I have over 26 years experience of racing cars, running racing cars and teams and teaching people how to drive safely and quickly on circuits all over the world.

My first goal with any client is to build confidence in the car and then build skills to improve long term results. 

People drive differently, some are smooth and effcicient some and brave and rough but a balance can be found with all approaches. I don't do try to make a rough driver smooth or smooth driver brave, instead my attention goes on focusing/balancing the drivers style with the car in question.    

If you just want to learn racing lines I NOT the instructor for you, theres plenty of those around for less money!  If you want to understand how you and your car work together so you become consistently quicker and safer then I am.

Whether you are a genuine zero experience novice focused on perhaps feeling safer first or a successful club racer looking to up your game, it is my job to find ways to make it work for you.  This process includes team managment, set up and tactical advise and all regular clients benefit from an additional coaching pack.  

Call me on 07540 363836 if you have any questions.

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